Insomnia is a condition that many of us just seem not to be able to shake. It may be linked to a trauma or it may just seem to come out of nowhere. Insomnia can come about when people are upset. The ideas below should help you deal with insomnia and sleep better at night.

Try rubbing your stomach when you’re tired. Stimulating your belly by rubbing it can help with a good tummy rub is actually a good thing for beating insomnia. It helps you to relax and it can promote digestion.

Practice deep breathing when you are in bed. Breathing deeply is something that can really relax your whole body relaxed. This can assist you right to sleep. Take deep breaths continuously. Breathe in through your nose and out with your mouth. You might find that you’re sleepy within a few short minutes.

Aromatherapy is one tactic that may assist with insomnia. Aromatherapy has been proven that it relieves stress and helps some people overcome insomnia. Lavender is a light scent to try when you need sleep.

Write down which activities before you go to bed. Your journal can reveal certain activities or thoughts that are preventing a good night’s sleep. Once those problems are identified, you can eliminate the problem.

If you have been dealing with insomnia for a long period of time, then it’s time to see your physician. Insomnia generally comes from a reaction to events in life, but at times there is another health issue involved. Talk to a doctor to make sure nothing serious is the problem so you know there is not a bigger issue.

Herbal Tea

Warm milk may help you fall asleep; however, but there are people that cannot drink milk or do not like it. You can also try herbal tea instead. Herbal tea has natural and won’t cause the discomfort milk can cause some people.

Keep your bedroom both dark and dark. Even a little bit of light can make insomnia worse. If there is a lot of noise you can control, get rid of it. If there is an outside noise problem, listen to soothing music or use ear plugs.

Talk to your doctor about any sleep aid. This is especially true if you are going to take it for an extended period of time. It may be safe for a short time, but very damaging to your body if used long term.

You cannot beat insomnia without help. This is difficult to handle alone, which means this article is well-timed. Now just apply everything you’ve learned and you are on your way to getting much needed sleep!

By pauline