Why is cosmetic packaging black?

The cosmetics industry has always focused on offering natural free of preservative products that cause allergies to its customers. In this sense, companies have used dropper bottles made with violet glass because this glass can block the harmful rays of light, which makes preservatives in the products unnecessary. A natural product does not cause allergies and can be sold to anyone. Companies take advantage of cosmetic bottles wholesale to buy bottles in different sizes and at better prices that allow them to create affordable products for their customers. In short, violet glass facilitates the production of natural, low-cost, and high-quality products. Another advantage of glass is that it is reusable, so companies can use it as part of their marketing strategy to showcase themselves to their customers as eco-friendly companies.

Advantages of glass over plastic

Glass is chemically inactive and straightforward (it is essentially sand, soda ash, and limestone). Plastic can contain harmful chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, PVC, or polycarbonate. Some plastics release chemicals when heated, and those substances can get into your food and then into your body. The only risk you run when heating glass is that, if you cool it too quickly, it could break or, worse, explode. Besides this, plastic deforms with heat while glass needs large amounts of heat to deform. The heat needed to deform glass is so high that companies require specialized furnaces. Finally, glass can have many more uses than plastic, allowing you to reuse containers in different ways. Glass is much easier to recycle and its production does not pollute the environment. It only requires sand, limestone, and sodium carbonate which are heated to melt and do not produce toxic gases like plastic.

Governments want to reduce the use of plastic

Countries such as the United Kingdom created a plan in 2018 to reduce the use of plastic packaging manufacture by 2042. The 25-year strategy calls for a series of steps in which companies commit to using glass in their product packaging. These will not only help the world get rid of the carbon dioxide generated by plastic production and recycling but also rid the oceans of hundreds of tons of plastic. They are also creating programs to educate the population about recycling and reusing glass. You can support this initiative today by reducing plastic bags at the supermarket and bringing your reusable cloth bags. In short, glass is the best material people have to take care of their health. No harmful chemicals, heat resistant and reusable in many ways.

By pauline