Benefits of a Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bio-Identical Hormones replacement therapy is natural and involves the use of hormones that are pure and similar to those present in the human body for therapy based on patient’s prescriptions. Bioidenticals are different from the synthetic hormones and are produced from plant sources besides having the same molecular structure as that of the hormones produced by body. This has added advantage of enhancing compatibility and reducing adverse events in the case of combined therapy.

Bioidentical hormones lower the risk of the diseases, which have a close relation to the heart and bones such as heart disease and osteoporosis respectively. They can also improve cognitive abilities and provide organismic wellness by sleep hormone regulation.

This therapy can be adjusted in a way that depends on the intensity of the tests and the results that were achieved: that makes this therapy perfect because every patient will be able to have the dose of the drugs that he or she needs.

Below we discuss the benefits of a bioidentical hormone therapy, and you can reach out for more information.

Natural Compatibility

The hormones used during Bioidentical hormone therapy are quite similar in type to those that occur naturally within the human body.  Thus it could be said that this characteristic propels compatibility with the body hormones receptors, thus mitigating side effects.

Symptom Relief

Bioidentical hormones are among the treatment options given to female patients with hormone related disorders to treat conditions such as hot flushes, mood swings and low sexual drive.

This is usually done in order to ensure that hormone levels are restored to a normal range and this has the normalcy of wiping out most of these symptoms besides improving overall wellbeing among these patients.

Long-term Health Benefits

In another research, it has been noted that bioidentical HRT has the possibility of curing the symptoms which can be cured by old age; meaning, there is health gain in the long run.


 Last but not the least, as opposed to other forms of hormone replacement, this therapy uses hormones which are produced in the patient’s body thus making it a natural hormone replacement therapy and also one which has been prescribed depending on the patient.

It is very safe and effective for several reasons: it acts like hormones that people have in their bodies and is not only analgesic, but can also affect the trends in quality of life.   As with any organism where drugs have been applied, a doctor and other relevant specialists should be consulted on whether bioidentical hormone therapy is to be carried out for specific goals.   Tweaking this process of administering bioidentical hormone therapy under the progress of a client is advantageous because there are many benefits that may be obtained in relation to enhancing the life of the referred client, let alone their survival rate.

The above article has discussed the benefits of a bioidentical hormone therapy procedure, and you can reach out for more information on the same.

By pauline